About GypSea Soul Jewelry

Handcrafted with love & inspired by the sea, made for the adventurous gypsea soul

GypSea Soul Jewelry was born in 2015 while attending Florida Atlantic University as a marine biology student. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion. Being a native Floridian, and living close to the water helped me develop a lust for the beach, ocean, and everything Florida’s ecosystem has to offer. These jewelry pieces are created for like-minded ocean lovers and serve as a reminder to live a happy, positive, and ocean-inspired lifestyle.

The ocean and travel inspire me to create art. While most of the shells and pieces are found here in Florida, others were collected as far away as Hawaii, Trinidad & Tobago, and Scotland. Shells are handpicked while freediving reefs and exploring local beaches.

After collection, the shells are cleaned and then hand-wrapped in Vero Beach, FL. Every earring set, necklace, and bracelet is meant to be a reminder to promote ocean conservation and awareness through GypSea Soul Jewelry.


Owner, Creator, Designer

Kaleigh (Keke) McBride is a native Floridian with roots stemming from the isles of Scotland, Trinidad & Tobago. An island girl at heart, Keke maintains a passion for the ocean, mediation, yoga and freediving.


Owner, Creator, Designer